This is the area where Modern Family rises above and beyond the competition. Finding a suitable home to live in is important, but this is a relatively short process lasting a day or maybe a week. After a home is chosen, you are looking at one, two, three years or more of living in that home. This is where having a dedicated, English speaking, after sales agent makes all the difference. As you might guess, houses in Chengdu are not up to Western standards. Your house is going to have issues and Modern Family will be there to make this as painless as possible.

How does the after sales service work?

Once you have chosen a home you will be introduced to your after sales agent. This person will be your point of contact during your stay for any issues regarding your home. This after sales agent will start by making sure that your home is 100% ready by the time you will move in. This means that the house will have internet, appliances will work, utilities are operational, there are no burnt out light bulbs and that the house is spotless. In one word: Perfection.

While you are checking in to your new home the after sales agent will go over all safety features in the home. They will teach you how to use all of the appliances, internet, satellite TV and will cover anything else you need to know. Finally, checking in will end with an overview of the compound and area you will be living in. Where to shop? Where to eat? Where to get your clothes dry cleaned? All this and more will be covered.

Finally, this after sales process will continue for the duration of your stay. Is your internet having a problem? Call your after sales agent.  Is your AC making a weird sound? Call your after sales agent.  Are you neighbors renovating their house at 6AM? Call your after sales agent. For small issues we can have these taken care of immediately. If you encounter anything that can’t be handled right away, your after sales agent will work with you to schedule everything so you know when things will be finished.

How does Modern Family after sales service compare to the competition?

At Modern Family we pride ourselves in having the highest ratio of after sales agents to customers. This means when you call an after sales agent is working with you right away, not tomorrow or the next day, but right away. Having a dedicated agent means that you have a relationship with this person and the agent knows your home like it’s their own.  

We also have our own handymen on staff. This is a first in the business and means that our handymen also know your home and can be there to solve problems right away.  It also means that our handymen are trained to work in foreigners’ homes. They are on time, they don’t smoke in your home (common problem in China) and they clean up before they leave. They do everything short of speaking English, but not to worry as your dedicated after sales agent will always be there too.

Finally, the best part of Modern Family after sales service is the price: Free. From the day you move in until you receive your deposit back when you leave, our after sales service will handle any and all problems you come across. In addition to the above-mentioned services we also offer bill paying (internet, management fee, tax invoice etc.) and utilities (water, electricity, gas) management. The price for bill paying and utilities management: Free. Expect nothing less from Chengdu’s best after sales service.

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