Maid Service

Finding a reliable maid or nanny can be a difficult task. You need someone that can get the job done, but more importantly you need someone you can trust. At Modern Family we have a large selection of maids and nannies that have worked with our clients in the past.

  These individuals are better equipped to work with foreign clients as they have experience in this area.

  In general, a maid is someone that can handle any type of cleaning, can cook Chinese food and can speak very basic English. Communication can be a difficult matter, but we work with you and the maid to make sure they know what you want done in the home and when you would like this done. We provide ongoing support to make sure that you receive a high level of service throughout.

  A nanny differs from a maid in that the focus is less on cleaning and cooking, but more centered on child care and helping you with your day to day life in Chengdu. Most nannies are college graduates that can speak English and are eager to work with foreigners, both to teach and to learn from you.  In addition to child care, a nanny can accompany you to go shopping and can help to teach you Chinese and also about Chinese culture and cuisine.

  No matter whether you are looking for some help once a week or 24/7, we can find the right person for you. Please help us by filling out our contact form and we will arrange a time to meet with and interview possible candidates.

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