Company goals

At Modern Family we have had the chance to see how other, more established, companies have handled relocation in Chengdu. We have determined that there are three key areas in which we far outshine our competition: housing selection, housing prices and after sales service. It may not seem like a groundbreaking business philosophy, but these three key areas are what we rely on to satisfy our clients.

 For our housing selection we have taken cues from both relocation companies and from local agencies like Century21. From the relocation side we have worked hard to develop a network of landlords who have great homes and can accept our clients' demands and lengthy company contracts.  These landlords will give us additional properties and will recommend us to their friends, providing us with an ever-growing supply of quality homes. From the local agency side we use the same software programs and name lists these companies use. This gives us a database of thousands of new homes that we are constantly reviewing. Most of these homes are not suitable for our clients, but every once in a while we come across a landlord that has a quality home and can work with our clients. Now we have a new quality landlord who, after working with us, recommends us to their friends and more and more quality homes are available companies in Chengdu.

 For housing prices our aim is not to be the best among Chengdu relocation companies. We already are. Our aim is to compete with local agencies that offer the lowest prices in town. As most of our clients have rentals paid by their company, price normally isn’t the top priority for our clients. However, being able to offer our clients a bigger and better home that they would not be able to afford with another relocation company, this puts a big smile on our face.

 Finally, our after sales service is the single most important aspect of our company. Living in a beautiful home is nothing if you have to deal with problems on your own every day. However, living in a beautiful home knowing that any issue will be dealt with quickly and completely by your dedicated after sales agent, that truly is beautiful. With your own dedicated after sales agent,the highest ratio of after sales agents to clients, and our own exclusive trained handymen, there is nothing better than that, except maybe for the fact that all this is Free.

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